When a tooth has become abscessed, you have only two options. One is to extract the tooth and the other is endodontics or as it is also called a root canal. Unless the tooth is beyond saving, it is best to try and save the tooth. Your teeth are not only for looks but they also serve a purpose. Chewing is hendered and other teeth begin to move around if a tooth is extracted and nothing is put in its place such as a partial or a bridge. That is why a root canal is recommended.

Our office breaks the procedure into two appointments. The first appointment usually last about 45 minutes to an hour. In that time the tooth is opened up by drilling a hole in the top of the tooth. The pulp or the nerve of the tooth is removed as well as any infection that might be present. The tooth is then treated with a medication and sealed with temporary cement.
The second appointment usually last about 30 to 45 minutes. In this procedure the tooth is reopened the same way. The canals of the tooth are then filled with a permanent filling called gutta percha. The gutta percha takes the place of the pulp. After the gutta percha is placed the tooth is then closed with a permanent filling.
Our office strives to make our patients comfortable at all times. If you ever have pain or a problem during a procedure we will stop immediately and help you!
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