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Our office offers a tooth whitening service that is easy and convenient for the patient. It is a take home system in which the patient can do in his or her own spare time. Getting started involves upper and lower impressions of the mouth which are painless. A clear mould will be made to custom fit your teeth. Once the moulds have been made, a quick appointment to the office is needed to make sure the moulds fit and to give you instructions on how to use the bleaching gel at home. Results can be seen in as little as one week!


When a tooth has become abscessed, you have only two options. One is to extract the tooth and the other is endodontics or as it is also called a root canal. Unless the tooth is beyond saving, it is best to try and save the tooth. Your teeth are not only for looks but they also serve a purpose. Chewing is hendered and other teeth begin to move around if a tooth is extracted and nothing is put in its place such as a partial or a bridge. That is why a root canal is recommended.

Our office breaks the procedure into two appointments. The first appointment usually last about 45 minutes to an hour. In that time the tooth is opened up by drilling a hole in the top of the tooth. The pulp or the nerve of the tooth is removed as well as any infection that might be present. The tooth is then treated with a medication and sealed with temporary cement.

The second appointment usually last about 30 to 45 minutes. In this procedure the tooth is reopened the same way. The canals of the tooth are then filled with a permanent filling called gutta percha. The gutta percha takes the place of the pulp. After the gutta percha is placed the tooth is then closed with a permanent filling.

Our office strives to make our patients comfortable at all times. If you ever have pain or a problem during a procedure we will stop immediately and help you!


Don’t scare them, or allow other family members to scare them about going to the dentist. Scary stories and parent’s anxiety over dental visits will create an unhealthy fear of the dentist, which is one of the primary reasons people avoid dental care. Even if your children are not already afraid your anxiety will leave them asking, “I’m not scared of the dentist, should I be?”

Be careful how often they eat sweets. We know what causes tooth decay. It’s not some hopeless situation in which you have inherited “bad teeth.” However, children often “inherit” bad habits from their parents. Bacterial plaque on your teeth eats the suger we eat and produce acid as a waste product. This acid is what softens hard tooth structure until it caves in or cavitates.

Children should never go to sleep with anything other than water in their bottle. Maintain baby (primary) teeth whenever possible. You may wonder, “If they are baby teeth and they are going to lose them anyway, why worry about them? This line of thinking is not in your child’s best interest. Primary teeth serve multiple functions. One important function is to hold space for permanent teeth to erupt into. Early tooth loss can result in dental crowding and the subsequent need for orthodontic correction. There are also social implications to having decayed and missing teeth due to there affect on appearance and speech.

Brush your child’s teeth until age nine. Most children will, at best, brush only the front four teeth. Let them brush first, then finish for them making sure to brush all surfaces of all teeth. If using fluoride toothpaste make sure they spit.

Store fluoride toothpaste out of children’s reach. Small doses of fluoride, as in drinking water, are very effective at reducing the frequency of tooth decay. Large doses, on the other hand are toxic.

Bring them into the dentist sooner than later. Around two years old is a great time for the first trip to the dentist, but earlier is fine. At this time our primary goal is educating the parents. This early exposure to the sights and sounds of the dental office will help them accept future dental care with significantly less anxiety.

This is, by no means, an all-inclusive list. If you have any questions don;t hesitate to give us a call at Davis Family Dentistry.

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